All our  classes are co-ed and taught by highly accomplished DOCS members with outstanding performance in local, national and international competitions. The main focus of this diverse and international selection of instructors is participants’ safety and health as well as everyone’s athletic progress according to their personal goals.

All Kids’ Classes are constantly supervised by qualified adult instructors, whose focus goes well beyond teaching the fundamental rules and techniques of the combat sports. We also teach the youngsters basic sportsmanlike traits such as personal hygiene, discipline and respect for one another.

These are also the foundations that our Adult Classes are based on. Here, improving your fitness is just as important to us as teaching you traditional and new techniques along with their modern day application in competition and self-defense scenarios. Our instructors cater to every skill and age level and will help you maximize your progress as you train alongside world class competitors. In addition, the enthusiastic and welcome atmosphere will make acquiring new skills a highly fulfilling experience.